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Hi-Rib Formwork Mesh Machine:

The Hi-rib lath machine is used to produce the hi-rib lath which is applied to plaster and reinforcing the wall, the hi-rib lath production line Working process is De-coil → punching → expanding and shearing → Rib lath feed out.

Hi-lath machine Hi-lath metal machine High-rib lath production line
Hi-lath machine Hi-lath metal machine High-rib lath production line

Main parameter:
Inner diameter: 350
Outer diameter: 700
Material width: 485-500MM
Material thickness: 0.45mm galvanized steel
Loading weight: 2000kg
Servo motor: 1.5KW
Working speed: 450500 strokes/minute or 1020M/Minute
Punching Motor power: 5.5kw
Driven way: Chain and gear
Rolling passage: 7+2
Rolling thickness 0.45mm
Forming Motor power 5.5kw
Profiling mold: 45 Steel
Hydraulic cut: 7MPA 40L Tank
Lubricate: Center control
Control method: PLC
Electric element: Shneider
Machine size: 1120X600X1500
Weight: 5300KG
Installation size: 12570 x 2900x1500mm
Hy-rib lath application:
hi-rib formwork mesh
Hy-rib lath

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